Linux’s Spanish Switch

The Washington Post writes about how a Spanish city is making the switch from Windows to Linux. The last part of the article is especially interesting:

Peaceful coexistence was the theme of a meeting last month between Vazquez de Miguel (minister of education, science and technology in a western region of Spain called Extremadura) and Rosa Garcia, general manager of Microsoft Spain, who called up saying she wanted to hear more about the Extremadura project.

People who attended the meeting described it as akin to an Abbott and Costello skit. He tried to extol the values of Linux, she did the same for Windows, and neither seemed to understand what the other was saying.

In the end, she did not make an offer to sell Microsoft software and he did not want her to.

They shook hands and she told him that she thought that Microsoft software and Linux software could thrive in the same world.

Vazquez de Miguel told her he agreed. What he did not tell her was that in his mind, co-existence means a world that’s the flip side of today: 90 percent Linux, 10 percent Microsoft.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.