Macromedia Contribute

The vision behind Macromedia’s newest desktop software for editing static HTML sites, authored by Norm Meyrowitz, President, Macromedia Products:

Welcome to the low-maintenance, read/write web. Macromedia Contribute was created to solve the key problems I’ve described:

  • It provides self-service site maintenance capabilities that don’t require continual calls to web designers- a key concern among users and web teams.

  • It gives a way for web designers and administrators to create templates that allow users to update their parts of the website, while providing those administrators with the ability to lock certain parts of the page so they’re read-only, and the ability to grant access rights to control who edits each page.

  • It permits regular users to set up and maintain their own pages and sites (for example, on a corporate portal) without prior training.

    Imagine a world in which clients and web consultants, investor relations departments and web teams are in love with each other. It could happen!

    We believe that Macromedia Contribute starts the next wave of the web – the low-maintenance, read/write web – where each user can participate actively in what’s out there, rather than be a passive recipient.

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    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.