Apple’s New Net-based Apps

From Webmonkey: “In the age of Web services with servers receiving and distributing SOAP packets and text files we don’t need to rely on Microsoft IE, Mozilla, Opera, OmniWeb, and the others as the only viable clients for applications that pull data from sources on the Internet. Other, I think better, clients are on their way….Apple’s latest Operating System, Mac OS X 10.2 (a.k.a. Jaguar), offers a pretty compelling example of what Internet-assisted applications are likely to look like in the next generation. Some of the applications in Jaguar iCal, iSync, and Sherlock use the Internet to produce highly useable and useful applications in very clever ways. Apple has also developed a low-level set of APIs that allow developers to tap into Web services from whichever development environment they use in Mac OS X, whether it be AppleScript, Cocoa, Carbon, or Java.”

Have just been thinking: it may be a good idea for us to get an Apple machine in-house: there’s been a lot of innovative work happening there, and we just aren’t exposed to it.

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