Blog Browsers

An interesting idea being talked about is that of Blog Browsers. Started with a brief, cryptic mention by Dave Winer: “The next big innovation will be blog-browsers, native apps that browse archives of weblogs outside the limits of Web browsers.” Dave added later: “If we use new software to browse weblogs (see above), there will come a day when you won’t need to render and upstream content to have it be publicly accessible and retain full control of it on your desktop. We will have routed around the Microsoft browser monopoly, and then a new round of innovation can start.” Dave also points to this.

Adds John Robb: “This may bring us closer to a day where you may not even need hosting space for your rendered weblog (= very inexpensive). Benefits include full archives of the weblogs you love, fast local search against the full archive, and the ability to apply tools locally to find cross connections between weblogs.”

Anil Dash had written sometime ago about the Microcontent Client.

Could this be a new idea brewing, or are we pointing back to the web browser?

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