J2EE and .Net – Gosling

From CRN – keep in mind that James Gosling James Gosling is a Sun vice president and the father of Java:

“J2EE has it all over .Net,” Gosling said “It’s more feature-complete, more mature, and what .Net has going for it is a marketing budget only God can dream of. .Net is a product from a company. J2EE is a market.”

Gosling said Microsoft’s marketing engine has established it as a Web services leader but claimed that Sun’s J2EE environment is more secure and reliable than Visual Studio.Net.
“The thing Microsoft has going for it is easy tools, an unbelievable marketing budget and a desktop monopoly to exploit,” said a salt-and-pepper bearded, bespectacled Gosling, donned in faded jeans and a Java T-shirt. “There is a level of sophistication required [in Java development] that makes it daunting for entry-level developers . . . but the security in Java is very strong.”

While acknowledging that Microsoft’s Visual Studio.Net is an easier environment in which to program, and will become more full-featured over time, Gosling said the Common Language Run-Time (CLR) has fatal flaws, including a problematic memory model and unsafe access facility, that will have implications for the security and reliability of .Net applications.

He also said the forthcoming support for XML in J2EE 1.4 is robust, adding that published reports that J2EE’s support for XML is weak are erroneous and based on J2EE 1.3 implementations on the Java 1.4 SDK. The forthcoming J2EE 1.4, expected to be finalized in early 2003, “is a very complete [set] of XML APIs,” he said.

Point to ponder: “The killer architecture spans across infrastructure components all the way out to the edge of the network, so developers need to think globally and act locally.”

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