Glenn Reynolds

Gelnn Reynolds of is the top blogger on His keynote address at a recent conference was blogged by Denise Howell. Some personal observations:

Glenn just sort of started his blog, emailed some friends. Thought it would be fun. This is the first time he’s tried to run something that was meant to be read regularly. Hoped to get a couple of hundred quality readers; wound up getting a lot more. It helps him teach, relate to students. Increases the knowledge he can pass along as an instructor. Discussion re importance of referrer id’s in the weblog world; how you learn new things from people you’ve never heard of when they link to you and you go visit their site. Has emphasized for Glenn the real value of free speach. When you get a lot of traffic and a lot of email from people, you cannot help but be stunned by how smart people are, and the academic world on the whole does not have sufficient appreciation of this. The openness is impressive.

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