Future of Computer Interfaces

From a Gartner report: “Human-computer interfaces will rapidly improve during the next decade. The wide availability of cheaper display technologies will be one of the most transformational events in the IT industry.”

Some predictions:

– Computer screens will become ubiquitous in the everyday environment
– Input interfaces will enable computers to sense their environment and the identity of their users, and personalize interactions appropriately
– Advanced interface metaphors will improve the information supply

The last one is especially interesting (in view of the work we are doing on the Digital Dashboard). Elaborates Gartner: “As enterprises improve their understanding of the different information needs of their users and customers at various touchpoints, a shift will occur–from the current “push” mode to a “pull” mode. Users will be able to select what they need from fewer and fewer options. This improvement will occur because the computer will increasingly become better in pre-selecting options based on its “knowledge” of what users actually need in specific situations.”

An additional comment by Roland Piquepaille, who blogs on tech trends. Also see Slashdot thread.


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