Charles Simonyi

From Forbes on Simonyi’s aim to make writing software easier: “An early pursuit at Intentional Software is so-called aspect-oriented programming, which focuses on improving those group interactions–somewhat like how basketball coaches develop individual skills and team-passing for good overall ball movement. AOP can program in one area and, using a “weaver” that moves through the program, adjust potentially thousands of relevant points in a big program.”

Simonyi left Microsoft earlier in the year to start his company “to deliver computing systems from their crisis of complexity. Intentional Software will exploit ideas developed at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center and during Simonyi’s ten years of research at Microsoft. The promise: cutting-edge strategies for software for a coming world of multiple supercomputers, where continually swapped programs and big databases will find and exploit unseen patterns in nature and society.”

Adds the article: “The company also draws on generative programming to automate some parts of code writing and on intentional programming, which captures a programmer’s initial design plans as code, in a more natural form than binary algebra. The intentions can then be stored and reused for efficiency and refinement.”

What I’d like to see happen is how software can simplify the encoding of a company’s business processes.

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