Sun’s Madhatter

A interview with Curtis Sasaki (Sun’s newly appointed vice president of desktop solutions) on Madhatter, Sun’s thin client computing solution, which uses Linux desktops. He said the 3 motivations for the project were: enterprises’ seeking to reduce IT infrastructure costs, their desire for improving security and a move towards open source platforms.

When asked about the importance of Java to this platform, he said: “The value proposition we’re adding is taking all these layers of software and really integrating it well into a full system. We’ve seen in the marketplace other attempts at Linux desktops…basically what they’ve done is take a lot of open-source software, throw it on a CD and expect it to be a complete desktop. What we’ve been trying to do is look at all the things required for a complete desktop, and Java is a big part of filling in those gaps.”


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Rajesh Jain

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