TECH TALK: The Best of Tech Talk 2002: Emerging Technologies

Techs 10X Tsunamis is perhaps my best collection of all things new. I covered 14 technologies and trends which are making and will make a big difference in the years to come. This is what I wrote in the preamble:

We will see how Google has become our second memory, how wireless technologies are building an envelope of pervasive connectivity, how websites are becoming program components thanks to the web services, and how open source is making even the biggest software companies rethink their strategies. We will ponder the growing trend towards outsourcing, examine the rising power of the countries in the East, and consider the rise of networks and intellectual capital.

We will see how USD 100 computers could dramatically alter the use of technology in emerging markets, how the world can move towards using technology like a utility, how weblogs and RSS can dramatically increase the information we process, and how business process standards will reduce friction between enterprises. We will also consider what happens when objects starts talking to other objects, and the screen you are reading this on goes 3D (or for that matter, becomes composed of electronic Ink).

I ended the series with a sentence I strongly believe in: It is a world in which perhaps the biggest 10X force is Vision – we need to be able to a imagine a different future, and then go out and build it. We need to combine Vision with a strong Will and relentless Execution to build the future we have dreamt of.

Two of the trends I had explored in detail earlier in the year were Blogging and Wireless. This is what I had to say about Blogging: “The Web as we know is undergoing a change. For long, it has been a broadcast medium. Companies and publishers put up websites and readers came to check out the content. The read-only web is becoming two-way, a Writing Web. This transformation is being led by amateurs and is bringing forth a richness which has been missing. This revolution goes by the unlikely name of Blogging.”

In The Real Wireless Revolution, this is what I wrote: Wi-Fi promises to enable a grassroots revolution in wireless communications, especially for data. Its already happening in the US, where in offices and homes, one can roam around a limited area free from wires and still access the Ethernet (and therefore, the Internet) at high-speeds. The Wireless LANs are only one part of how Wi-Fi can be used. The real promise lies in the ability to string together many such LANs and build a wide-area network, just like the Internet was built in its early days. The difference: this one needs no wires, giving end users complete freedom and mobility. Since it uses open spectrum, this also means the costs involved in building this out are very low. This becomes the commons answer to the expensive 2.5G and 3G wireless networks being built.”

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