Objectives for 2003

2002 was a good year as we began work towards the Emergic vision. What were a set of ideas a year or so ago are now becoming realilty. We have a thin client-thick computing solution in Emergic Freedom, have recently deployed the Digital Dashboard internally which integrates personal and business events, and have an integrated suite of (small) enterprise applications (again for internal use) which combine information from accouting, marketing and customer support. We also launched BlogStreet, which is carving out its own niche in the blogspace. Our Linux Messaging side of the business has seen our client base rise and we’ve also had some success outside India.

2003 has to the year we now have to focus on Execution and put in place “a discipline of getting things done”. In effect, we have 2 parts to our business: the first is a Linux and Messaging solutions business, which has to power the second part, Emergic. The first is an existing business, while we seek to build the second stream out this year. This approach ensures that we have existing cash flows which can help fund the second business until a point of time it is ready for take-off.

When I look back, we had a similar approach in IndiaWorld. There was a steady website development business which helped bring the cash in every month, and then a second higher-profile portal business which for the first few years needed investments till the Internet advertising market took off. The portal was the growth amplifier. Similarly today, in times to come, Emergic and its suite of products and services will be the engine to provide multiplier returns, provided we execute well.

So, our three key objectives for this year are:

  • Increase domestic (within India) penetration of our products and services by increasing presence and distribution channels, thus also growing revenues.

  • Reach out internationally for selling our products and software development services in Linux/messaging areas, and sourcing software products for our platform.

  • Realise the vision of Emergic: A connected computer accessible to every employee and family, by enabling computers for Rs 5,000 (USD 100) and software for Rs 250 (USD 5) per month.

    The domestic business gives us access to the local market (within India) and steady monthly cash flows. The international expansion helps build on the strengths of the products and solutions we have created and also helps put in place a channel for Emergic, which is the engine for tomorrow’s growth. The challenge for us is to make sure we do all the three objectives well.

    2002 was the year of Envisioning and Experimentation. 2003 now has to the year of Execution.

  • Published by

    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.