Ecuador and Tech

From the NYTimes:

In 2000, fewer than 1 percent of Ecuadoreans had sent e-mail or surfed the Web at home, school or work or in cybercafes. In August 2001, in an effort to expand access, the government created the National Connectivity Commission. Public “telecentros” have sprung up to provide free Internet access – under the auspices of nonprofit groups for which the commission helps find donors – and home connections, previously timed by the minute, are now available for a flat rate of about $25 a month.

“I know that in five years, most people in Ecuador still won’t be able to buy a computer,” said Jos Pileggi, president of Conatel, which oversees the connectivity project. “But my hope is that they will at least know that they have access to computers.”

Nice to read – this is at the heart of the revolution we want Emergic to enable in emerging markets.

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