Growing Volume of Files

Do you really need that file is the question asked by ZDNet and a very important one at that. We will keep creating new files (and new emails), but rarely delete many.

As the layers of information needing to be stored grows, IT departments are forced to try and think laterally to manage the storage overload. Any solution they come up with must be acceptable in budget terms. How do you cope with storage needs which are doubling or tripling without blowing your budget, or eating up all your IT spend on storage requirements?
How does your IT department cope with meeting enterprise storage needs?

Disk storage is very cheap, but that isn’t the solution. I think we need something like Google for our files and emails. It may be much easier to create this on a server-centric storage solution, rather than trying to put one on every desktop. Of course, there’s also Find.

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Rajesh Jain

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