Weblog Ideas

Writes Dave Winer, providing examples of how weblogs can make a difference in the real world:

If a weblog is used by a workgroup to keep the members informed, and to connect with other workgroups; and if their feeds are aggregated to inform shareholders, management, regulators, and other interested parties, you might measure the money-making in the form of money saved, or shortcuts found, or new ideas discovered, or blind alleys averted. Weblogs have a place in business that’s as strong as their place in decentralizing news gathering and reporting.

And there’s more. Imagine a weblog for each patient in the hospital. Each patient defines a community, the people who want to know what’s going on and how the guy is doing. I know my friends and family would have found that useful when I was hospitalized last summer. I certainly wouldn’t have minded them having the information (although I’d want to control who could access this particular weblog).

How about weblogs for political candidates, and weblogs for citizen activist groups to get corrupt or incompetent politicians out of the way. Weblogs for every cellphone user in the third world (and the first and second too).

[Moblogging]: Imagine a small computer, a cellular telephone with a headset, and a standard qwerty keyboard, hooked up to an instant messaging network and to your weblog. To post a new item to your community, hit the Blog Post button and start typing. Hit ## to submit. Bing.

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