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The Hindu writes about BlogStreet’s Neighbourhood Analysis:

In a weblog, the weblogger logs all the web pages that interest her. That is, a weblog compiled by an expert on a specific subject will contain valuable links related to her subject. Apart from presenting interesting links with comments and writing stories on a specific subject, a blogger generally lists out the URLs of other blogs with similar content, which she reads quite often. This practice is called blogrolling. In fact from being just an on-line diary, blogs have evolved into an excellent collaboration tool.

What we can infer from this is that there is an automatic categorisation or self-organisation of blogs taking place. It is obvious that if we can locate weblogs with similar content or weblog neighbourhood as it is commonly called a Netizen can directly go to those sites that deal with his subject instead of spending time on search engines.

The challenge is how to identify related weblogs. That is, if you know about a blog that deals with, say, economics, how to identify weblogs that are in the neighbourhood of this blog? The blog neighbourhood analyser of Blogstreet is an attempt to locate related weblogs.

By providing the service with the URL of a blog, it displays related weblogs of this blog site by analysing its blogroll data. For example, if you input the address of the `ArgMax Economics Weblog’ (, Blogstreet’s weblog neighbourhood analyser it will immediately display a list of blogs related to this weblog. Apart from this service you will also find a reference page with a wealth of weblog related links at Blogstreet site.


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