Business Standard Story

Today’s Business Standard’s ICE World has a feature on us. The story is by Nandini Lakshman: “A Cheap PC dream” and asks “Rajesh Jain wants to to bridge the digital divide with a Rs 5,000 PC. Can he hit the jackpot yet again?”

Overall, it is a very balanced story. Nandini had met with me a week ago, and was thorough in her questioning and understanding on what we are doing. She also spoke with people from the industry for the story. She has summarised our gameplan as follows:

  • Refurbish used PCs to lower costs for low-end users
  • Mildly alter Linux open source applications and charge a minimum of Rs 250 a month for the software
  • Use WiFi technology for broadband connectivity
  • Applications will be served by a “thick server” which will also store mails and files
  • Tap schools, hospitals and companies before entering homes

  • Published by

    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.