Companies to Watch

Fortune’s David Kirkpatrick writes about some of the companies he thinks will do well in 2003:

AMD: continues to challenge Intel with well-conceived designs for PC microprocessors.

BEA Systems: middleware for enterprise software widely regarded as the best, despite vigorous competition from IBM.

Borland: multi-platform application development tools are perfectly positioned.

Dell: taking market share in every area of standardized hardware, including storage and networking.

Logitech: unstoppable maker of consumer PC peripherals.

Mercury Interactive: software performance measurement extracts value from what companies already have.

Nokia: cellphones are hot and this remains the undisputed leader. its Net-delivered sales automation is defining a new approach. Expect an IPO this year.

Veritas: storage software for the multi-platform future.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.