Bill Gates Interview

From Fortune, here are a few quotes by Bill Gates:

  • Inside a company you’re doing sales analysis, project planning, project budgeting–does software make that stuff as easy as it should be? The answer is, Not within a million miles. I mean, you sort of forecast based on what your Siebel customer-relationship management [CRM] software tells you, and you try to look at your SAP enterprise resource planning [ERP] data, but there’s not really a process that systematically deals with all that…And then there’s your work flow during the day. An information worker gets lots of e-mails as people want you to bid on something or respond to a problem. All these “events” are coming in on your PC. Does the software help you know which of those you should ignore or pass along to somebody else, and how to prioritize them? No. We don’t do that yet…The goal [for Office] is to come up with software to make information workers more productive: helping them manage their schedules, prioritize their events, understand the business processes they participate in, and keep their information secure. And we are nowhere near that yet.

  • One of the interesting boundaries inside a company has always been between back-end systems like ERP or CRM software and the knowledge workers sitting at their desks living in a very unstructured world of phone calls, faxes, and e-mails. A business transaction between two companies actually involves at least four dimensions: The knowledge workers in company A talking to knowledge workers in company B, and these same knowledge workers on both sides also interacting with their own back-end systems. So we really have to understand these boundaries both within a company as well as between buyers and sellers. That’s what web services is all about.

  • There are five form factors: wall-sized, desk-sized, tablet-sized, pocket-sized, and wrist-sized. What we need is a more complementary relationship across the devices so that you can think, “Because I have an electronic calendar on my PC, then my wrist device can tell me about traffic conditions without my even asking, because it knows where I’m going.” But to work, the devices have to work well together.

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