From BusinessWeek: “Much of the truly exciting innovation in technology is now being developed for consumers.”

It adds: “The real key to the exciting new products on display at CES — and soon, at a discount electronics chain near you — is that all these digital products are starting to work together in ways that make them much more useful. It’s now relatively painless to film a child’s birthday party with your camcorder, edit it on your PC, and burn it onto a DVD to send to relatives. Technofiles can display their own digital photos on their digital TVs’ vibrant liquid-crystal displays. Or they can send audio files from a PC over their home wireless network to the new “media hub” — a combination digital hi-fi stereo receiver, media server, and wireless router (think of a souped-up set-top box) — in their living rooms.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.