As we grow older, we seem to be lose our ability to Imagine. I remember as a child and teenager imaging about the world of the future. Computers. Space. Intelligent Buildings. Robots. I’d listen to programmes on BBC World Service like “Science in Action” and “Discovery” and dream about the future. Somewhere down the line, I’ve stopped doing it. I’ve become too caught up with the present and immediate future.

Which is not right. I need to be thinking more of life and technology 5-10 years out, or even beyond. If I cannot the worlds of tomorrow, how will I work on creating those? I need to free myself up for a few days once in a while to reflect less on the present and more on the future, to get a sense of how all the things that are happening (and not happening) can make a difference.

Perhaps, its the reading which has changed me. Now, more of my time is in shorter chunks which I spend reading more “microcontent”. Its been quite some time since I read science fiction or magazines and sites other than the ones dealing with business, management and technology.

The attention span has reduced, in keeping with the nature of what I am doing. I would not think twice about spending hours listening to radio or while away an afternoon reading a novel. I only managed to read “Lord of the Rings” (for the second time) a year ago because I was sick and in bed for 2 days. Life shouldn’t be like this.

Imagination is our most wonderful asset. Its a pity we make so little use of it. I need to rediscover some part of me that I left behind 20-25 years ago in one corner of this world, and use that as a springboard to let the mind roam ahead free and far away.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.