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In a discussion on Groove 2.5, Jon Udell provides an insight into the future of RSS: “From an enterprise IT perspective, I realize, the term “team blog” sounds a little vague. So let’s nail it down. Those inbound RSS feeds needn’t be only internal or external weblogs. They can also deliver customer feedback, system status reports, business intelligence — you name it. And the output needn’t be a weblog that you hope will make the Daypop Top 40. Think of it, instead, as an internal “k-log” that selectively exposes team activity to the larger organization.”

Its what we have been thinking of and working on for the past few months. We are putting some of the building blocks together:

Event Builder, which can create events from changes to an ODBC-compliant feed (thus enabling enterprise events) and create an RSS feed for subscription
RSS Aggregator, which can bot various RSS feeds and split them up into the individual events, and also enable users to manage their subscriptions
News Readers, which can deliver the RSS items into an RSS viewer (also called a News Reader)
News Reader-to-Blog, which completes the event flow by enabling a reader to post the item to a blog using the Blogger API, with the blog itself generating an RSS feed for subscription
Digital Dashboard, which provides an aggregate view of all my subscribed events (email, IM, RSS items) and a writing area

This is the base for building an Information Refinery and a collaboration platform in the enterprise.

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