AlwaysOn: Slashdot for Business Geeks

Fortune writes about the new business venture of Red Herring founder Tony Perkins:

AlwaysOn is almost entirely the creation of its members, who express their opinions in a variety of pre-defined topic areas, including “The Wireless Device Boom,” “Security in a Hacker%u2019s World,” “The Real-Time Economy,” and “Entertainment Goes Online.” There are three categories of bloggers on the site: ordinary members, who after two weeks already number 5,500; about 100 volunteer “correspondents;” and industry celebrities, who Perkins will interview periodically. He merely asks these people to talk about their strongest opinions of the moment. He%u2019s already posted comments from Michael Dell, John Doerr, and venture capitalist Tim Draper.

“This is the eBay-ization of media,” says Perkins. “We’ve created the arena, like eBay did. We organize the world, then invite members to come in and play.” He calls the site a “super-blog,” comparing it to, a phenomenally successful site for serious technophiles that now claims over two million members. “While Slashdot is for techie geeks, AlwaysOn is for business geeks,” he says. He will impose editorial order by continuing to fine-tune topic areas, recruiting appropriate bloggers, and contributing heavily himse

What’s interesting about AlwaysOn is its business model. It puts member data into a database and makes it accessible to advertisers and sponsors.

AlwaysOn is another example (like Nick Denton’s ventures and Corante) of nano-publishing on a small budget.

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