Marc Andressen Interview

It is always interesting to read an interview with Andressen. He is currently CEO of Opsware. Its just about 10 years since he launched Mosaic along with his team at the NCSA. Some comments from his interview with Wired News:

On what he’d differently with Mosaic: If I had to do it over again, I’d probably show some sort of graphical representation of a tree, so you could see what path you’re traveling on and could backtrack. I’d also include thumbnail renderings on the tree to show where you’d been.

On Opsware: The idea is that over the last 10 years people have bought an enormous amount of software and servers for Web applications. But while the Internet opened up all this potential power, it also created the problem of actually making all these things work. Our software gives an answer to that.

The big picture: With the Internet, we’re really 10 years into what will ultimately look like a 25-year cycle from invention to full implementation.


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