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Dave Winer has a suggestion for what Google should do with blogs for the community: “Give me an accurate list of all the librarian weblogs, and all the lawyer weblogs, and all the weblogs of people who have implemented an XML-RPC stack. You get the idea. They have been able to do this with news stories, it seems they should also be able to do it with weblogs. This is the biggest unsolved problem I see in this world, and I don’t know how to solve it, it’s not what I do.”

Tom Matrullo adds his wish: “Ease of directory assistance for bloggers. E.g., say you want to find bloggers who know all about Matisse’s childhood, or Indonesian cuisine, or Ponca City, OK – how, at present, do you find them?”

We need a blogger’s directory…its something we’d like to do with BlogStreet. Have been thinking about it for some time. It has to be based on people and their expertise areas, since unlike other web pages, blogs are inherently about people, who aren’t easy to segment and classify.

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