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As Google becomes the Web’s hub, being high up in its search listings is important for traffic. (That’s an importand reason to blog and blog early in life.) WSJ writes about what people do to climb up in Google’s rankings.

Google’s site has become the prime battleground because of its unprecedented power over the Web. Barely four years old, Google has grown largely by word of mouth to become the place where most people start to look for something on the Internet. Three-quarters of all online searches use Google or sites that use Google’s search results, according to WebSideStory Inc.

Because of its importance, Google can make or break businesses that sell over the Web. It’s the new “location, location, location” for online retailers, for whom ranking at the top of a Google search is the Web equivalent of landing a choice corner on Miracle Mile or Fifth Avenue.

As of now, this site ( is the first link which shows up when someone searches for “rajesh” (great for the ego). I moved to #1 some time after I added “Rajesh” in the title of the page. The Google PageRank, a measure of a page’s importance, for is 6/10, which I think is decent for a blog.

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