Battling Email Overload

CNN writes about three tools:

Stata Labs wants you to toss your current e-mail software in favor of one called Bloomba. The package has search engine-like qualities to categorize messages and classify items based on patterns of use — so newsletters are automatically separated from those not-to-be-missed missives from the boss.

Ella from Open Field Software, meanwhile, works as an add-on for the more than 100 million users of Outlook and Lotus Notes. Chief executive Robert Cagle calls Ella an “e-mail tuner” that, using an adaptive learning engine, takes the messages thrown at you and intuitively sorts them by priority and type.

A lean collaboration tool that also meshes with Outlook or Notes was introduced by Kubi Software . Founder and chief executive Julio Estrada, a Lotus alumnus, figured that because most people work primarily in e-mail, even as they do other things, they need some way to easily integrate shared projects, calendars, documents and contact information.

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