Software Industry History Book

NYTImes reviews a new book on the software industry “From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Hedgehog: A History of the Software Industry” by Martin Campbell-Kelly. The review speaks quite well about the book, and it looks like a good read.

Mr. Campbell-Kelly’s book is not for everyone. He is an instructor in computer science at the University of Warwick in England and is a professional historian. His is not a book of insider gossip or of recreated scenes of clashing egos and executive tirades — the stuff of so many business books. Instead, it is the product of his reading and distilling of books, professional journals, magazine and newspaper articles and historical archives over the last four decades.

The result is a sweeping survey of the software business since the early 1950’s, its evolving structure, economics and marketing.


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.