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The battle has begun. Nokia, Microsoft and Sony all want a piece of the action. Each one has its own view of the future. For Nokia, it is cellphones. For Microsoft, it is the PC. For Sony, it is the TV. Will be very interesting to see what we, the consumers, decide. Writes WSJ:

All three companies are trying to capture a broad swath of the home-entertainment market — and steer the future development of consumer technology in a direction that plays to their own strengths and their rivals’ weaknesses.

Nokia hopes consumers will spend a big chunk of their time and money listening to music, playing games and even watching video on mobile phones. Microsoft is geared to turning desktop, laptop and hand-held computers into all-purpose entertainment machines that eliminate the need for other gizmos. Sony is covering all the bases by producing everything from pocket-size music players to giant home-cinema systems, but the Japanese company sees the television as being at the heart of the entertainment market.

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Rajesh Jain

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