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Will Pate’s Wish:

Webloggers need a generic, network wide textad service. Google’s content targeted advertising would be great, but they’re only available for the few that receive more than 20 million page views a month. This leaves most bloggers out in the cold.

There are many services that offer the ability to sell texads to potential advertisers, but with an endlessly growing number of weblogs how can the average blogger find advertisers that are willing to bet money on the metaphorical one grain of sand on the beach? The only service that currently offers network wide ad publishing is w3matter, without keyword specific content or a specific focus on bloggers.

As this vision lies beyond my current capabilities, I propose the following to the codesmiths, the better connected, the innovators and the entrepreneurs of the web is this: Build a network wide ad system, with keyword served ads, targeted to serve bloggers.

It is something we have been thinking as part of BlogStreet. Will write more on this a little later. Have been thinking of a concept called “Mirror Blog”. Need to get a demo ready and then talk about it.

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Rajesh Jain

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