One Year of Blogging

Today, I complete a year of blogging. The year has seen a total of 1767 posts in the past 365 days for an average of almost 5 posts daily. Blogging has now become an integral part of my daily life. Even though I have been writing the Tech Talk column daily Mon-Fri for over two-and-a-half-years, it was the blog which has helped diversify my reading and writing, and put me in touch with a lot of new people and ideas.

The on thing I try and do is to blog daily. This is one lesson I have learnt from publishing on the Internet: it has to become a habit in people’s lives – for both the writer and the reader. This is perhaps the one secret to blogging – whatever you do, whever you do, make sure you post daily.

Here are links to a few posts I had done about my blog in the past year (no point repeating myself):
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The blog now is for me an extension of my memory – almost everything I have read (and found interesting) and thought in the past year is here. The one thing I want to now add is an “Outline/Personal Directory” which can categorise the posts not by time, but in a taxonomy so that there is a wider context available to the ideas that I am working on. Am hoping to do this soon. This will be the first step towards building the Memex, as I’ve been writing. The other thing I want to do is to get myself a new design!

The hardest part about blogging is making a beginning. It took me many months before I started. I wanted to be sure that I’ll be able to write, and perhaps more importantly, that I’ll be honest and transparent on the weblog – will write what I think. I owe that to the blogging community which has helped shape my thinking by their act of sharing ideas. The blog is thus a small way of saying thanks to them, and making my contribution in the space. So, if you are reading this blog, make a start – blog. First for yourself – it will help you clarify your own thinking and create a “mirror world” of what we are seeing around, and second, for all the other bloggers whom you read – its a way of saying thanks to all of them! May our tribe increase.

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