Future Trends

VentureBlog has a post by Naval Ravikant on the past and future trends in technology.

Geometric growth in CPU power and disk space drove the PC revolution. Big winners — Intel, Seagate, Microsoft, others…

Geometric growth in modem speeds, LAN networking, and optics drove the Internet revolution. Big winners — Yahoo! Ebay, Google, others…

In the last three-five years, yet more steadily advancing technical trends have come into play:

. Internet traffic continues to double every year for the forseeable future
. CMOS image sensors are doubling in density every 18 months
. Liquid Crystal Displays and Liquid Crystal on Silicon are increasing panel size and density, roughly doubling every two to three years
. Solid-state non-volatile memory is doubling in capacity every 18 months
. Improved power management and new batteries are increasing effective battery life by about 20-30% every year
. Wireless networks are doubling in capacity every 18 months

Who will be tomorrow’s winners?

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