Water Scare

The latest issue of India Today has a cover story on the water crisis facing much of India. And then, this AP story says:

Many of the world’s natural underground reservoirs are diminishing rapidly, threatening the drinking water of millions of people and compounding the ravaging effects of drought and famine, the United Nations warned Wednesday.

Across Africa, Asia, Central and South America, groundwater levels are dropping as much as 10 feet a year, largely due to intensive irrigation, the U.N. Environment Program said in a report released in London.

As aquifers subside, sea water seeps into the water table in coastal areas, making the water undrinkable, co-author John Chilton told reporters. The problem is causing the ground to sink in major cities, including Mexico City and Bangkok, and will force small farmers out of business, he said.

Quite a scary future. Add to it the fact that the monsoons in India seem to be delated by 8-10 days this year. Nature fights back?

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Rajesh Jain

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