Something different on this Sunday morning. I have noticed that over the years my breakfast has become more elaborate, with the other meals becoming lighter. My breakfast toggles between Kellogg’s cereals (Raisin Squares with another add-on from a multiplicity of options) and Indian cereals. The Raisin Squares are becoming increasingly hard to find – it was after nearly a year that I found them in a store in London and loaded up on the boxes! Along with cereals and milk, there are some almonds, a banana and Laughing Cow cheese. The last item is a recent add-on. I used to eat it earlier in life, and decided to make it a regular part of the breakfast menu.

I read the morning newspapers on the breakfast table. Increasingly, I am finding that there’s little interesting stuff to read – the Net and radio keep me well-informed of what’s going on. I do a quick scan of about 6 newspapers at breakfast in about 10 minutes – this is more out of habit, than delight. Its the one part of breakfast that is not as satisfying!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.