Google’s Self-Service Ads

WSJ reports on a new service being launched by Google that will allow websites to carry ads from Google’s advertisers.

In March, Google introduced a new advertising service called AdSense for delivering ads on wide range of other companies’ and individuals’ Web sites. The program was intended to match up related advertisements to Web sites with similar content. It was also created to broaden the reach of Google’s advertising program to more Web pages and generate more advertising revenue.

This latest “self-service” option to Google’s AdSense program allows Web site publishers to submit their sites to the company’s network so that promotions from Google’s more than 100,000 advertisers might be delivered on those pages.

Susan Wojcicki, director of product management at Google, said this new option lets advertisers broaden the number of Web sites where their ads are displayed.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin also says this program will allow small Web sites, which might have had problems attracting advertisers to their sites in the past, to generate advertising revenue.


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