Ideas need a Theoretical Base

Too often, we get very enamoured of new ideas. Ideas have to stand the test of both time (are we as excited about them a few days later) and a theoretical derivation. The latter was a point made by Atanu Dey when we were discussing RISC. He said that is is very important to get the theoretical understanding of a new idea right. If the base is flawed, there is nothing which can make the execution come out right.

This is what I’ve been doing in the past few days as I think through on the ideas built around the PubSubWeb and what we want to do for SMEs. There has to be a set of clear statements which define the problem and the solution being proposed. The theoretical basis for both should be indisputable. Of course, this in no way guarantees success, but not getting it right can most certainly guarantee failure.


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.