OpenGroupware (a quote by Gary Frederick, Leader of the Groupware Project): “Just to be perfectly clear, this is an MS Exchange take-out. OGo is important because it’s the missing link in the open source software stack. It’s the end of a decade-long effort to map all the key infrastructure and standard desktop applications — including the Web server (Apache), the OS (GNU/Linux, the BSD’s), the browser (Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera), the office suite ( 1.1, KOffice, AbiWord), and the groupware applications (Evolution, KMail, Netscape/Mozilla Mail) – to free software. OGo offers users a free solution for collaboration and document management that, despite being free of charge, will far surpass the quality and level of collaboration found on Windows (through integration of MS Office, Exchange Server and SharePoint). Today marks the completion of OpenStack.”

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Rajesh Jain

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