Chandler as RSS Aggregator

Krzysztof Kowalczyk writes:

Chandler is still in its very infancy but the writing is on the wall: it’s going to be a killer RSS aggregator. The main problem with existng RSS aggregators is that they’re only that: RSS aggregators (sometimes with blog posting features). Chandler’s long-term vision is to be a hub of personal information, be it e-mail, calendaring information, contacts, notes. It’s only natural to add RSS aggregation features to it. Pure RSS aggregators will be able to compete on RSS-specific features (it’ll always be possible to make narrower tool to be e.g. more efficient or more streamlined for just RSS reading). However I believe the future lies in Chandler approach: one application to manage various kinds of information.

PS: there is an experimental RSS aggregator parcel in Chandler currently (in fact it was the first non-core parcel written). It’s awful (just like the rest of the Chandler). This will change because Chandler is barely out of design phase so awfulness is to be expected.

Hmmm…something for our Info Aggregator to transmogrify to?

Adds Ted Leung: “If you believe in Phil’s email-like microcontent manager (and you believe that Chandler won’t suck), then the conclusion is obvious. Krzysztof’s reasoning about webs of microcontent insinuated and augmented with one’s personal information is just fuel for the fire. Chandler’s design around Parcels give it the ability to act like an OpenDoc style container for microcontent components.”


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