Our Info Aggregator tops RSS Aggregators Review

About.com (Heinz Tschabitscher) has a review of 10 RSS/News Aggregators, and our very own Info Aggregator is tops! We got a rating of 4.5/5. Here is what Heinz has to say.


  • BlogStreet Info Aggregator is RSS via IMAP email
  • Offers server-side filters and web-based access
  • Lets you easily forward, organize and archive news


  • BlogStreet Info Aggregator has no custom styles
  • Can’t organize feeds in folders automatically
  • No POP access

    The Bottom Line

    BlogStreet Info Aggregator is a great and highly recommended service that lets you read (and filter, organize, share and archive) RSS feeds via email. Info Aggregator comes with IMAP and web access.


  • BlogStreet Info Aggregator is an RSS to IMAP gateway.
  • Info Aggregator aggregates news from subscribed feeds and makes them available as emails.
  • BlogStreet Info Aggregator can be accessed via any IMAP email client or through a webmail interface.
  • Server-side filters let you file, forward or delete news items automatically.
  • BlogStreet offers a large directory of RSS feeds and can build feeds for sites that don’t offer RSS.
  • Info Aggregator lets you post to a Blogger or MT blog by moving items (emails) to a special folder.

    Guide Review

    It’s so simple: turn RSS feeds into emails and you have the perfect feed reader, your email client. BlogStreet Info Aggregator makes subscribed RSS feeds available via IMAP and through a webmail interface. Now you can use the great features to organize, share and archive of your favorite email client to deal with news even more efficiently. Info Aggregator even offers flexible server-side filters that let you file certain feeds in folders or forward them to another address automatically.

    Unfortunately, Info Aggregator has no option that would put newsfeeds in folders automatically, by default it all turns up in your Inbox. And, as useful as Info Aggregator is, one thing it is not: pretty. Templates to customize the messages would be great.

  • Great day for us! And we have to start working on the drawbacks that Heinz has pointed out.

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