Phil Wainewright writes: “Open source software, Enterprise Service Bus and lightweight Business Process Management seem to be the three pillars of the emerging services-based concept of enterprise information technology…With no legacy IT to take into account, Amazon has been able to use Perl to automate and integrate the business processes that power its services. More established companies are having to turn to ESB and next-generation BPM to arrive at an equivalent destination. But the result in both cases is flexible process automation and hence more cost-effective, responsive and adaptable services, whose value is based not on proprietary ownership of a software trick that someone else is bound to emulate in the near future, but on relationships of empathy, trust and knowledge that have been built up over months, years and ultimately decades.”

Phil writes more on ESB, describing it as “the new buzzword that’s becoming even hotter than Services-Oriented Architecture.”

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Rajesh Jain

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