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Guy Kawasaki has started a Q&A in Forbes on starting a business. An excerpt:

Starting a company is not like finding a new job. With a new job, you want something that is interesting, pays well, enables you to reach your personal goals, etc, etc. It’s a stopping point along a journey.

Starting a company is very different. Your passion for the business should come from your heart. It’s not something that “matches your abilities,” but something that compels you to put everything on the line. So when something moves you to this extent, you’ve found it. You don’t necessarily go looking for it like you would read the “Jobs Wanted” section of the classified ads.

Well said! The desire and passion for an entrepreneur has to come from within. It is this inner determination and belief which will help the entrepreneur face all the challenges that will come – and there will be plenty of them.

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Rajesh Jain

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