Lindows Webstation

Slashdot has a discussion on the Lindows Webstation, “a hard-disk-less pc that boots from a CD, similar to the now dead ThinkNIC, for $169 (no monitor). Different versions are available from 2 vendors, TigerDirect and The TigerDirect version has a 1.1GHz Duron, 256MB PC2100 DDR, 56X CD-ROM, 10/100Mbps NIC, floppy, modem, keyboard and mouse. The version has a 800MHz C3, 256MB PC133 SDRAM, 56X CD-ROM, 10/100Mbps NIC, but without a floppy, modem, keyboard or mouse. The TigerDirect looks like a better deal, at least now ($169 = $189 – $20 rebate).”

This is almost like the Thin Client solution that we advocate to cut cost of computing as part of our Emergic Freedom solution, though in the Lindows case the machine will boot off the CD probably.


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