Kenamea and Composite Apps

InfoWorld TechWatch has a note on Kenamea, which is quite interesting in the context of enterprise software:

Kenamea this week is making a push in composite applications, which are applications conducive to the Web’s zero-client, cross platform environment and an alternative to client-server systems.

The Kenamea Composite Application Suite features a development and runtime environment that extends the company’s existing infrastructure with a component-based platform for building Web-based composite applications. The suite features three core elements of modern application design – service-oriented architecture, asynchronous event-driven design and component-based development, the company said.

Kenamea composite applications deliver:

  • Real-time coordination, for integrating real-time information and control components from multiple data systems, applications and Web services into a single application.
  • Event-driven interactivity, featuring user interfaces allowing users to view key perform-ance indicators, receive alerts and take action when critical events occur.
  • Fast time to market, in which applications are assembled from loose aggregations of application components.
  • Universal availability, in which the composite applications are available on any device or network without complex installation and management.

  • Kenamea’s site has more.

    A article adds:

    Kenamea says the Composite Applications Suite “encapsulates the three core elements of modern application design,” which it defines as service-oriented architecture, asynchronous event-driven design, and component-based development.

    “Business owners need applications that give employees, partners, and customers a complete real-time view of business processes and allow them to accurately and collaboratively respond to events as they occur,” Kenamea CEO Tom Lounibos said in a statement.

    Lounibos believes the Kenamea suite is the first set of composite software tools to deliver this kind of functionality using any Web browsing software, and without demanding any custom coding.

    Kenamea representatives believe the Composite Applications Suite offers a range of potential benefits including the ability to integrate information and control components from multiple data systems, applications and Web services by way of a single interface. The applications can be made available on any sort of computing device and rarely fall prey to issues such as network errors or unavailability, according to the company.


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