Participatory Journalism

A series by JD Lasica. An excerpt:

Whatever the yardstick one uses — a strict definition that says journalism must involve original reporting and an editorial filter, or a broader one that considers travelogues, op-ed commentary and analysis journalism — it’s certain that audience participation in the news equation is on the upswing.

And it’s likely that forms of audience participation will become more widespread once mobile devices such as video-enabled phones — which allow you to transmit text, photos and video directly over the phone — become commonplace.

Participatory journalism generally falls into these broad categories:

1. Audience participation at mainstream news outlets
2. Independent news and information Web sites
3. Full-fledged participatory news sites
4. Collaborative and contributory media sites
5. Other kinds of “thin media”
6. Personal broadcasting sites

It is fascinating to see how a combination of various technologies is changing journalism and how we get news and interact with it.

In my own case, 15 months ago, I was just a consumer of news created by others. Now, I am able to participate by presenting my own selections and views.

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Rajesh Jain

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