Startup Success Story

The Guardian writes a nice, inspirational story about eSpotting:

Stories of profligate internet companies crashing after the dotcom bust are legion. Tales of those that were created in the immediate aftermath of dot-mania and have not only survived but prospered are rare indeed. Espotting, however, is just such a case. As Concorde rides and the champagne lifestyle of the young bosses of the dotcom-crashers came to an end, ex-schoolmates Daniel Ishag and Sebastian Bishop set up a paid listings internet search company in one room of Ishag’s flat in South Kensington.

Amid the turmoil of the online world at that time, the two young entrepreneurs struck gold. This was confirmed when, two and a half years after Espotting’s low-key start, it was acquired in June this year by US paid-for search company in a share-and-cash deal valued at $163m.

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Rajesh Jain

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