Info Aggregator Review (Robin Good) has an excellent review of our Info Aggregator with a rating as a “breakthrough” service.

Info Aggregator is a breakthrough service offered by the skilled team of developers at BlogStreet.

For the amount of time that it has taken me to set it up and to start making good use of it I would rate this service as excellent.

Info Aggregator is only one among several smart, useful and effectively designed tools and services made freely available by BlogStreet. If you are a Webmaster, independent publisher or Weblog/Blog author you should consider giving a serious look at this site.

In particular I am very impressed by the amount of quality ideas and services that BlogStreet has recently been able to come up with. True, they have still a long way to go. But if I can judge by the ingeniousness of the services developed so far they look well set for a successfull growth.

My highest kudos to Blogstreet for the great work done so far while looking forward to greater ease of use, support and stupid-proof documentation.

Robin Good (or perhaps it should be Luigi Canali De Rossi?) also points out areas where we need to work more on. As I wrote in an email to him: “When we launched, we weren’t sure how helpful this would be to people (it was very useful for me, considering the reading I did!) In the past few months, we have seen good interest and will now increase our efforts to make this a world-class service.” Thanks very much, Robin!

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Rajesh Jain

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