Netcore’s Emergic

Every once in a while, I like to write down (to remind myself!) what we are trying to do in Netcore. Here is my latest effort.

Problem Statement

– SMEs are caught in two traps: technology and marketing
– Computing is still expensive
– Business benefits of using technology are still not clear to most SMEs
– As a result, SMEs use very little of computing hardware and software
– SMEs do not have access to real-time information
– Supporting and managing technology is still a challenge
– There is no easy way to sell software to SMEs
– SMEs find it hard to find other SMEs for tapping business opportunities

Solution Outline

– Demonstrate how connected computers and the Internet can help SME business
– Create/propose a reference IT architecture for enabling intelligent, real-time SMEs
– A connected computer for every employee for less than USD 10 per month
– Integrated Software Bundles, built around only handle information once
– Development platform for ISVs to build vertical / local solutions
– Managed services to remotely manage IT at SMEs
– A virtual marketing and connection mechanism for SMEs

Netcore’s Solution: The Emergic System

– All-in-one server software: Pragatee and Emergic MailServ/Topsight/Enterprise
– Appliances for Server and Clients: Server Box, USD 50 thin clients
– Affordable Computing Solution: thin clients, thick server; cut system TCO
– Desktop solution: Emergic Freedom, Redesigned desktop / rich clients / dashboard
– Integration with Cellphones for real-time access to information
– Software development platform for ISVs: Visual Biz-ic
– Localisation of solution: languages, accounting/business process needs
– Social Network Software: for people to connect with other people
– Information Marketplace for SMEs: Emergic.Net
– Software Distribution Network to reach out to channels and SMEs
– Remote Support and Technology Management Centre
– Themes: Affordability, Simplicity, Integrated, Managed

This is an ambitious and wide-ranging set of things to do in the coming years. The challenge will be executing simultaneously on all aspects to put the entire solution in place for SMEs. It is about taking technology and making possible a different world for SMEs, especially in the world’s emerging markets. Slowly and steadily, we are getting the various elements of the solution in place.

At times, I wonder if the breadth of what we are trying to do is too much for a still-small company like ours. But then I also realise that if we have to bring about a transformation in the way SMEs use technology and do business, we will have to do it and co-ordinate the buildout of all of the components of the system.

The Emergic vision has evolved over the past 2+ years, and will continue to do so. We now have to increase our focus on implementation and taking the solutions to market.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.