PlanetLab: Making a New Internet

[via Abhay Bhagat] Technology Review writes about “a grass-roots group of nearly 100 leading computer scientists, backed by heavyweight industrial sponsors, is working on replacing [the current Internet] with a new, vastly smarter model”, eventually enabling us to (among other things):

  • forget about hauling your laptop around. No matter where you go, youll be able to instantly recreate your entire private computer workspace, program for program and document for document, on any Internet terminal;

  • escape the disruption caused by Internet worms and viruseswhich inflicted an average of $81,000 in repair costs per company per incident in 2002because the network itself will detect and crush rogue data packets before they get a chance to spread to your office or home;

  • instantly retrieve video and other bandwidth-hogging data, no matter how many other users are competing for the same resources;

  • archive your tax returns, digital photographs, family videos, and all your other data across the Internet itself, securely and indestructibly, for decades, making hard disks and recordable CDs seem as quaint as 78 RPM records.

  • The focus is on making the network smarter.

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    Rajesh Jain

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