Massively Scalable Blog Community

Pito Salas has an interesting idea for a service:

– Support millions of blogs and tens of millions of readers
– Be suitable for both a public (open) semi-closed (“extranet”) or closed (internal) blog
– Include a dialable set of editorial tools to allow a customer to have the appropriate degree of editorial control and approval
– Because of the scale it would also include a hierachical system of moderation including peer-moderation.
– Be totally self-service, requiring no client software installation; it would be totally cross platform.
– Be standards compliant to allow full interoperability with the rest of the blog software world (i.e. linking, trackback, commenting, syndication, etc.)

It would be interesting to see how this would work in India. The elections are there next year. Imagine if we had a blog per constituency, wherein people could write about their issues and the candidates could address them on their blogs. Yes, this would cater only to a small fraction of people, but it will at least widen the involvement of the citizenry in matters pertaining to their future.

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Rajesh Jain

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