WiFi Opportunity

News.com has an interview with NetGear CEO Patrick Lo. A few excerpts:

There are two things we think are going to happen. The newer digital devices–I’ve already seen some models like high-definition digital TVs in Japan–will come with Wi-Fi. You could see it because you know TV and cable are going digital so you know those are going to have Wi-Fi built in. That can similarly be said for Internet radios, which are digital devices that not only can receive broadcast channels, they can also receive digital channels from the Internet. This is a new generation of digital devices, which will come with built-in Wi-Fi.

But again, there’s a huge retrofit market. You could retrofit back for digital devices, such as gaming consoles, TVs and ordinary radios, using a digital media adapter so you can retrofit the old analog devices to connect to the Internet. We believe that will become big next year.

Wi-Fi is evolving from “b” to “g” to “super g,” so from 11 megabits to 54 megabits to 108 megabits per second. But that’s not the end of it–you will continue to see higher speeds and more features.


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