Entrepreneurial Pointers

Startup Journal has an article by Mark Feffer, where he writes about learnigns useful for entrepreneurs:
– Don’t forget how smart you are
– Stay calm
– Stay true to your vision
– Look forward, not back
– Beware of “partnerships”

A Small Business column in the NYTimes has a quote by Jere Ross, a lawyer with Bush Ross Gardner Warren & Rudy: “The inventor always thinks his idea is the best and the world will come to his door and he’s going to be rich and famous. What he learns to his chagrin is unless he has the money and strategy to develop the idea into a marketable product or process he won’t be able to accomplish anything. If something is selling, it will be knocked off instantly, not just in the United States, but all over the world, thanks to the Internet.” Entrepreneurs need to keep this in mind.

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